Kentucky Bar Association

Kentucky Bar Association

We are pleased to support the Kentucky Bar Association and the legal community as a sponsor of the 2021 Virtual Annual Convention. RiskDesk specializes in professional liability and cyber liability insurance solutions for Kentucky based law firms. We secure the right coverage at competitive rates for our clients.

Choice of Options

How many options are presented to you at renewal? Do you know whether your rates are competitive in comparison to the market?

We represent you, the client, and not the insurance carrier. As a result, we create competition amongst the insurance carriers to secure multiple options for our clients to evaluate and consider. Why it matters? Because in comparison to those carriers or brokers who are on auto-pilot, we can save you 30% to 50% off your annual premium! 

Covered for Cyber? Think Again.

Do you currently carry cyber insurance? Do you know what exactly your cyber insurance solution covers? Does the solution contain restrictions or exclusions for high-risk threats such as Funds Transfer Fraud or Ransomware?

As a trusted professional with access to sensitive information and transactions, law firms represent an attractive target for cybercriminals. Due to the lack of standardization and continually evolving cyber threats, the broadest policy language is critical when it comes to selecting the cyber insurance solution. We only work with select carriers who offer market-leading cyber insurance solutions.

Service Matters

You deserve nothing less than exceptional service and we strive to serve you how we expect to be served ourselves. We firmly believe that simple things - picking up the phone or responding in a timely manner - matter and set the tone for success. We are your trusted advisor to help you effectively navigate the insurance purchasing process, a claims scenario, or address any risk management-related needs.

Get Started Today

We make it easy to obtain a quote indication.  To get a quote send us your renewal application or download and complete our Professional Liability Indication Form. 

However, many of our clients value and benefit from consultations that provide insights into the insurance purchasing process, better understand the coverage and share their risk profiles. To schedule an appointment reach out via phone at (859) 327 5594 or email us at

Frequently asked questions

Why RiskDesk?

RiskDesk is a Lexington, Kentucky-based insurance agency with deep experience in the legal market. We are in the unique position to exactly understand how insurers price and intepret specific underwriting criteria as Jock Wols managed a large Lawyers Professional Liability portfolio at the insurer AXA XL. Lastly, we pride ourselves in service and simply endeavour to treat our clients like we expect to be treated.

What is the value of a consultation?

We engage with our clients or prospective clients in a consultative role. This enables us to understand the specific objectives of your insurance and risk management approaches to draw up an effective strategy. The consultation allows you to communicate your needs and better understand the insurance purchasing process or coverage. Simply call us at (859) 327-5594.

Does my law firm need a cyber policy?

A cybersecurity incident can easily shutter a law firm. The range of cyber threats is extremely broad, including, but not limited to, a data breach, ransomware attack, wire transfer fraud and social engineering fraud. As a law firm, you are an attractive target for bad actors given the sensitivity of the information you are privy to and the trusted professional you are as part of your client's environment.

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I am a part-time solo attorney. What are my options?

The PT Pro online platform at specifically caters toward attorneys practicing in a part-time capacity. Get a quote within 5 minutes without having to create an account or provide personal information. The program is underwritten by Nationwide's National Casualty Company, an AM Best (XV) A+ rated carrier.

What if we have had claims in the past?

Paid claims impact your policy premium. We will work with you to understand the nature of the claim(s), identify any remedial actions taken and how best to communicate the claims experience in the insurance application. By marketing the application we create competition amongst the carriers to provide the most competitive terms available. We recommend initiating the renewal process 60 days prior to expiration to ensure adequate time is available to market the application. 

What about my prior acts?

Coverage for your prior acts is critical. We recognize this and only present quote options that match and carry over the existing prior acts coverage or retroactive date of the expiring policy.